BENTO & Kyara-Ben — Japanese Character Designed Lunch

Finding Nemo Bento. youme some rights reserved.

Finding Nemo Bento. youme some rights reserved.

Japanese people take their home made box-lunch, bentō, to school, work and picnics.

A bentō consists of rice, fish, meat, and vegetables as a side dish; therefore, it is nutritiously balanced.

Bentō are also available in many places; for example, bento stores, convenience stores, train stations and department stores.

Making bentō is like an art project.

To help to make beautiful bentō, there are various bentō tools are sold at stores.

The mothers of kindergarten kids love to make kyara-ben, character bentō, for their kids.

Kyara-ben is decorated to look like anime/manga characters, or animals.

There are kyara-ben contests where mothers incredibly cute food art to complete.


(Left) Hello Kitty Bento. (Right) Anpanman Bento. youme some rights reserved.


This is JAPAN Style!


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