Wasabi Stories vol.177: “Tune in to The Other Person First”


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“Tune in to The Other Person First”

Today’s story-teller is movie director Koji Wakamatsu.

Firstly, Wakamatsu says, “I get offensive against snobbish people. I am such a person, but I cannot compete with Fujio Akatsuka.” So, the story was about Akatsuka, who is a famous Japanese comic artist.

He had an image of Akatsuka as a lonely man. Quite often in the evening, Akatsuka used to call him to ask him out for a drink. Akatsuka never discriminated people.



He opened up with homeless people, and when Wakamatsu took along some Red Army Faction members whom he was involved in work for a drink, he welcomed them without hesitation.When their glasses got empty, he topped up their glasses as the same way as he did to the others. He used to care about everyone at drinking places.


Here is another story about Akatsuka.

When he found out that his manager embezzled tens of millions of yen (a couple of hundred thousand dollars) from him, Akatsuka’s first words were: “Why didn’t you ask me first?” Normally you would get furious first, however, Akatsuka thought about his situation first.


Wakamatsu says, “I was touched by learning there is still a considerate person like him in this savage society. I have been ill-treated by people in power a lot. I have to give Akatsuka credit for not giving up on a movie making.”


The NIKKEI 01/09/2010 by Koji Wakamatsu (movie director)



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