CanCam, JJ, ViVi — Japanese KAWAII Fashion Magazines


Fashion Magazine "CanCam". Photo by miyagawa

Fashion Magazine "CanCam". Photo by miyagawa

Japanese women are very concerned about fashion.


They subscribe fashion magazines and take the idea into their wardrobes.

There are basically three types of Japanese fashion magazines for women; [W:Gyaru] style, girlish style and street style.

Gyaru style is for the girls who like night clubbing or surfing.

They get tanned and dressed cool and sexy.

They read “egg”, “JJ”, ”CLASSY”, “ViVi” and “Glamorous.”

Girlish style is for the girls who dress feminine and kawaii (cute).

They like to talk about boys and relationships, and their magazines cover those materials too.

They read “nonno”, ”Ray”, “MORE”, “CanCam”, “oggi.”

Street style lovers are casual but very fashionable, and they read “Zipper”, “Sōen”, “sweet” and ”JILLE.”

There are also Harajuku style magazines such as “Kera” or “Fruits.”


This is JAPAN Style!


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