Surprisingly Good? New Chilled Food Experiment!!

When hot days continue days after days, we need more variety of food which can be served cold (or be able to prepared without heat). And human started to think if these food best to be served hot can be served cold… For example, we have hiyashi-chuka or chilled noodle to replace hot ramen noodle. Well, ramen is still good to be eaten hot in summer, but if you have to cook by yourself, any elements which make your room hotter may not be welcomed sometime… So, why can we not serve hot food cold?? For such a question, I found an article, which studied what type of hot food tastes good when it’s eaten cold, too!


japanese noodle

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So, these food tested by the article are gratin, hamburger, mabo-tofu, curry, grilled salted mackerel, fried udon. I have no doubt that they are all best to be eaten piping hot especially gratin, mabo-tofu and grilled salted mackerel, but yes, I have tried cold gratin when canteen microwave decided not to work for my lunch box, and it was fine. Lukewarm mabo-tofu was okay, so I believe cold mabo-tofu must be acceptable. I also had grilled salted mackerel when I came home late, and couldn’t be bothered to warm the food up; I would say I will still prefer to eat warm fish, but it was fine, too.




Now, let’s see how other items taste like.

Hamburger seems to be a disappointing option; the writer of the article was not impressed about the taste of cold hamburger; in fact, it almost tasted like sausages instead of hamburger!




According to the writer, fried udon enhances its flavour when it gets colder, and most surprisingly, curry seems to be very good like a jelly and it maintains spiciness even when it’s cold!! So to conclude, curry came to the first place which was followed by fried udon and mabo-tofu.


japanese curry and rice


Fried udon must be good as long as it is cooked with less oil. Personally speaking, I’m not a big fan of obviously hardened cold oil, so chilled curry and hamburger are not probably for me; but if it’s more to do with our stereotypical ideal of “food has to be served hot!!”, then if such a thinking can be changed, more and more food can be consumed chilled in summer?? Hmn, you may have to call me an old person because I will still like to eat food hot where I can!!


What do you think about today’s article?

If there is any recommendation on tasty cold food to survive hot summer healthily, please share with us! I’m looking forward to hearing from you  😛


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