Unique and Creative Signs on Japanese Taxis

In Japan, there is a variety of designs for taxi top signs, and each taxi company has a distinctive top light. It’s kind of a familiar sight to us Japanese, but to foreigners those glowing taxi signs seem to look very creative and unique. And sometimes people introduce the collection of taxi top designs on their blogs or websites. 🙂

Let’s see some of them.


"davidkosmos" some rights reserved. flickr

A classical looking paper lantern shaped top light. Kanji on the sign means “owner-driver taxi”.


"davidkosmos" some rights reserved. flickr

A very simple design, but maybe kanji in three circles look somewhat fancy to foreigners?


"davidkosmos" some rights reserved. flickr

Japanese national flag. I wonder why the center is not red, but pink ^^?


"gochie*" some rights reserved. flickr

The sign of a taxi company in Kyoto. I like this crescent moon design 😀


"Héctor de Pereda" some rights reserved. flickr

MK Taxi is famous for their polite service.
The MK drivers wear white gloves like chauffeurs 🙂


Here you can see more photos of Japanese taxi top designs taken by photographer, Alexander James. Take your time and enjoy 😉


This is JAPAN Style!