Things that happened this morning vol.1: Store clerk

writerAbout thee years ago, I attended a lecture on how to make sentences that a famous Japanese author hosted. She said, “Why don’t you try to write some sentences with a theme of ‘a thing happened in this morning?’ ” The participants wrote some then made a presentation with it one by one.


It’s been three years since then….


To write some about “A thing happened in this morning” like the professional writer made me then, should be a good training for making good sentences, but in fact I haven’t done nothing about it until today.

I like to write, and I want to be a writer (in Japan).

I have wasted so much time, but I will surely try some with the theme of “a thing happened in this morning” for a while, to be a writer in Japan. These sentences are the ones translated into English.

Many years ago, I was writing e-mail newsletters every day, without any day off.

However, I got tired after about a year since I started, then I felt a frustration on “To keep doing something”.

“Rome was not built in a day” this is a great phrase. I hope I can keep doing something, and then it would be better if its results or any changes will come to me.

So, my things happened in this morning.

I woke up at 4:00 in this morning hearing my cat meowing. For some reasons, my cat gets up and starts walking around at this time every morning, it wakes me up hearing the sound.

No, it’s not my cat’s fault.

Actually, I know the reason why I wake up so early. I cannot sleep well thinking about my work because the sales have not been good since last month. The anxiety makes me check the smartphone many times even at midnight, if I get some online orders.

So, I woke up at 4:00 this morning, wasted my time thinking about my work for hours, then got up and put away my bedding around 6:00.

Usually I don’t eat breakfast.

As usual, I washed my face and went to my office right away. It takes less than 10 minutes by walk, so it’s very easy.

Before entering my office, I always stop by a convenience store (Seven-Eleven) and buy an M size of iced coffee.

To go to the store, I have to pass in front my office; this is not comfortable to me. I’m not happy to go back after getting some.

At this store, there is a staff always doing a great job. I don’t see him in daytime, so probably he works here at night.

First, he is great because he is making a small conversation with customers. Not only just formulaic one, but also he really communicates with the customers making them comfortable.

Also, his action is smooth and quick, the owner must be happy because he must be helpful.

Someday, I would like to find the courage to speak to him and go out for a drink to talk together.