Wasabi Stories vol.7: “Smell and Cautiousness”



wasabi stories“Wasabi Stories” is a quotation and summary of a column which touches ones heart or not found on the internet.

It is a Japanese famous person’s story extracted from the NIKKEI news paper.

The purpose in posting the column in JAPAN Style is to cheer you up and to make you feel “it’ was worth reading!”

Wasabi (Japanese horseradish or mustard) is spicy and stimulate your nose and make you teary.

The columns in “Wasabi Stories” hopefully spice your heart and sometimes make you teary!

The stories were originally sent as E-mail Newsletter in Japanese. Some are a little old but we’ll eventually catch up with new ones.



“Smell and Cautiousness”

Today’s story was written by an editor in the Nikkei (name unknown).

The theme is “smell”.

The writer concerns that any kind of “smells” are reduced lately in an urban area.

For example, not only are vegetables displayed at a supermarket well-shaped, their smells are gone.

Also, there is a remarkable tendency to deodorize smell of sweat or considerable deodorizing products for distinctive body odor of the middle-aged and elderly are found in the market.

“Cautiousness fades on a deodorized thing; therefore, people can’t find expired food or polluted food, and even questionable selling or dubious character.”

In Japan, the saying “sweep the trouble under the carpet” is said “put a lid on stinky thing.”

Just like the saying, if we keep putting lids on stinky things, our senses get spoiled and can’t notice what we suppose to notice naturally.

A living thing naturally has scent. If there is no scent, you’d better be cautious.

The NIKKEI Oct/18/2008


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