Japanese Super Toilet!

Japanese super toilets seem to be most advanced in the world.

Today, the diffusion rate of super toilet, known as “warm-water cleaning toilet seats,” is 60 % in Japan.

A warm-water cleaning toilet seat basically has a nozzle that squirts warm water to wash behinds.

You can adjust the water pressure and the position of the nozzle with a controller on the seat or a panel installed on a wall by the seat.

Also a warm-water cleaning toilet seat is equipped heater in the seat, so it does not get cold during winter.

This one on the picture has a dryer and massage features.

More advanced one has a new system that detects someone standing in front of the toilet and automatically opens the seat.


This is JAPAN Style!


Japanese super toilet 01

Japanese super toilet 01


Japanese super toilet 02

Japanese super toilet 03

operation button

Japanese super toilet 04

operation panel