Ghibli Art Videos Part 3 : Works by Japanese

Are you ready to see more Ghibli inspired art? For this part 3, I collected photos and videos of works made by Japanese people.

Here we go!


“Totoro Waiting for a Bus”


"mattb_tv" some rights reserved. flickr


This Totoro is at a convenience store, Family Mart in Izumi, Kagoshima Prefecture.

The body is made of pine leaves and the belly is made of ears of rice. It looks worn out but they renewed it not so long ago.


“Snow Totoro”


"tsukacyi" some rights reserved. flickr


It was displayed at Sapporo Snow Festival. Totoro is holding an acorn.


“Pressed Flower Totoro”


"K. Suzuki" some rights reserved. flickr


The shape of the leaf is perfect for making Totoro!


“Kamikiri Totoro”


This man cuts a sheet of paper and make Totoro’s silhouette.


“Ghibli Latte Art”


Drawing Ghibli characters on top foam of latte. Too beautiful to drink!

I wonder how they drew the fine lines.


“Totoro Bento”


Sesame roll bread Totoro and small kamaboko (fish cake) Totoro.


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This is JAPAN Style!