Is Ordinary Day-Off Expensive in Tokyo compared with Other Global Cities?

Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world according to the “Worldwide Cost of Living 2011” survey by the Economist. Tokyo also ranked second in the “Worldwide Cost of Living survey 2011 – City rankings” by Mercer Japan.



Seeing these results, webR25 compared the living expenses that are spent for an ordinary day-off  in Tokyo and those of other global cities.

On a day off, you are going to “have a hamburger meal at a fast food restaurant, go to a movie, have a cup of coffee at a café, buy a CD, and listen to the CD while having a can of beer.” How much would you spend in each global city?


City = Total cost of 1 hamburger combo, 1 movie ticket, 1 cup of coffee, 1 CD, 1 beer can.

New York= US$27.00

Shanghai =US$29.56

Moscow = US$36.51

Paris =US$34.02

Sydney =US$36.38

Tokyo = US$41.98

(converted at US$1 = 82yen)


Tokyo is far expensive than the others!! High exchange rate of yen may be one of the reasons, but I wish it was a little cheaper.

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Source: webR25


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