Is Living Japan Really Expensive? Comparative Table

People often say “Living in Japan is expensive,” but is it true? Some people say “It depends.”

Then, what are expensive things and inexpensive things in Japan?


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Today, I would like to share a comparative table on prices of commodities in different countries, which was posted on NAVER (Japanese info sharing site).

PLEASE NOTE: The numbers below are just examples. They are provided for us to get the idea. The prices were converted into US dollar.


-Household Electricity (1kWh)
Japan $22.76     America $11.55     Italy $28.42


-Water Rates (1 cubic meter)
Japan $1.85 France $3.74 Mexico $0.49


-Household Gas Charge (the 7th power of 10 kcal)
Japan $1236 America $525       France $920


-Delivery Pizza
Japan $32.58 Germany $6.91     Sweden $19.55


-Beer (633ml)
Japan $344 America $168     Germany $83

-Cigarette (Price of Marlboro in 2007)
Japan $2.82 Norway $11.48 Egypt $1.33


-Childbirth Expenses
Japan $8,128 France $3,998     Taiwan $755


-Funeral Expenses
Japan $30,100 America $5,785     England $1,600


If the numbers in the list were true, it is clear that the things in Japan are comparatively expensive that those of other countries.

Especially funeral expense is considerably expensive than other countries’. I think that spending a lot of money for ceremonial occasions is common in Japan.

Over all, we don’t see any inexpensive price under Japan in this list. I wonder if there is ANYTHING that is cheap in Japan.


Source: NAVER matome


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