What’s Onara Taiso (Fart Exercise)?

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“My life is full of joy!”

I would rather say this in a loud voice, but nothing is quite that easy. Of course, tons of happy events occur to me. However, on the other hand, some bad things occur as well, and they make me feel very gloomy. I know it’s much better if I can always keep my happy feeling, but it is also true that even tiny bad things can make me depressed…

Recently I have been down because some unpleasant things have happened to me, one after another.

One day with no big intentions, I made a tweet about this depressed feeling. And one of my followers replied, “I would like to tell you about Onara Taiso (Fart Exercise) from a TV drama Nodame Cantabile. Maybe you can become much happier if you do this exercise. Give it a try ^_^”.


“What!? Fart exercise (@o@)!?”


I didn’t know anything about that exercise with such a unique name, so I asked Mr. Google (^^). According to Google, it is “an exercise made by Nodame”.

Hmm? That’s it??

She also gave me a link of the video with English subtitles!



When I first saw this video, it reminded me of a long-lasting Japanese children’s TV program called “Okasan to Issho” which means “with mom”.

Now I quite understand what Onara Tiso is, but unfortunately it was kind of embarrassing for myself to do the exercise (^^;) . I laughed a lot while watching the video, and realized that I was very refreshed! Onara Taiso completely blew my depressed feeling away.

If you’re feeling down, I strongly recommend watching this funny Onara Taiso. And maybe doing some exercise with the video will help you much more to get your happy feelings back 😉


Last but not least, I would like to thank @anggycempaka sharing the happy information!


This is JAPAN Style!