Handsome Actor’s Unique Tweet

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There is a Japanese actor called Seiichi Tanabe. He is known as a handsome and cool performer. But the unique or rather funny tweets (@tanabe1969) this good-looking actor recently made are becoming very topical.

This is one of the tweets >> “A little while ago, I saw a very cool car on the street. I couldn’t take a photo, so I drew a picture. Could someone tell me the model of this car?” This tweet itself might not sound weird, but the picture he drew was kind of amazing.

Look at this!


OMG (@o@) Too simple! Who on the earth can tell the model of this car!?


Well, do you think two descriptive words written in Japanese can help your understanding? No. Not at all! These Japanese words just mean”body” and “tire”. As expected, no one could give him the right answer. And then he gave his followers another clue… 


 “This is the driver driving the cool car. Not sure if this picture can help, but does anyone know him?” 


Too difficult to specify… Arms are sticking out from his face! One of his followers was confused and asked him “is this a green soybean?” (^^; Now he is being called “the great painter” by his fans LOL.


This is Mickey Mouse as drawn by Tanabe, Hmm… Maybe too abstract for me to understand his works…


Source: Netlab


This is JAPAN Style!