Cute and Funny Hamster Videos


Photo by 和希


Today I am going to share some hamster videos posted on Niconicodouga. They are so cute!

Note: To turn off the comments over the video, click a speech balloon next to the volume control.


“Flat Hamster”

1 1/2 old Sapphire Hamster being lazy on a nice and cool wooden surface.


“’Hello’ from a sofa”

Hamster comes out from between seat and back of a sofa. Is it his secret base?


“Eating Dried Fish on the Owner’s Hand”

How cute! Crumbs are all over its belly.


“Putting a Hamster to Sleep”

The hamster is attached to the owner very well.


“Having a Nightmare?”

A 11-month old Djungarian Hamster is sleeping on his back. It looks like he is having a nightmare.


Watching hamsters is fun even they just repeat the same routine everyday. They are so cute especially when they are sleeping.



Photo by 和希


This is JAPAN Style!