New Maid Café in Akihabara? Maid Meets Rabbit

Japan style has been covering some unique café of Japan, but today, I would like to introduce an article about a maid café, where you can see lovely rabbits.

It seems in this maid café, just opened this February, staff with maids costume and rabbit costume on will warmly welcome you.  But it’s not just maids in cute costumes, but also lovely rabbits aged a month to a year old will be seeing you in the café.



(this picture is used as an image.)


Animals make you relax even just with their cute appearance, so café with rabbits sounds very appealing to me (*^_^*)

In this café, you can not only make yourself smile by watching these super cute creatures, but you can also purchase a rabbit for 25 thousand yen (equivalent to US$ 310).  Also, maid staff will provide you necessary explanation, and you can even ask them for daily rabbit care such as nail clipping.

Oh, I see~, with this service, people who is considering to have a rabbit as a pet will be able to find a rabbit for them, listening to explanation of maids and enjoying tea at the same time.  Even if you pop in just to make yourself smile by seeing lovely rabbits, you may fall completely under their spells and may find a cute rabbit in your house next day (^v^)


What do you think about today’s article?

I will be looking forward to hear from those who are interested in Japanese café culture☆


Source: Walker plus


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