“Origami Kojo” Making Origami out of Leftover Paper

Shachihata’s “Origami Kojo” allows you to make origami sheets out of papers no longer needed without knife.

It is a plastic board with two clear square, plastic plates; a square with sides of 15cm long and a square with sides of 7.5cm long.



Cutting out an origami with Origami Kojo is easy! Even small children can safely do.

Insert a piece of paper between the board and the plate, and then pull a corner toward you.



With Origami Kojo, we can recycle unneeded flyers and leftover wrapping paper; therefore, it is considered to be an eco friendly item.

You can also use some paper that have designs that you like.

In the review, there are positive opinions on the product such as “it is fun to cut the paper out” and “it is economical.”

Japanese children love origami and they consume a lot of origami paper! So Origami Kojo is found very handy at family with small children and kindergartens.


Images above are from the YouTube video below.



Source: Nikkei Trendy (Japanese)


This is JAPAN Style!