Chemical Element Playing Cards

I think that many of you have studied the periodic table of the chemical elements when you were students. Remembering the elements is hard, but with the new playing cards that features elements and elementary particles, you can learn about them while having fun!



ElemenTrump consists of 112 elements cards, 28 elementary particles cards. The total of 140 cards offers a variety of game including mahjong, porker, President-like games, which are easy to play. The elements are sorted by colors, so even people who are poor at science can play. Science experts can create new rules or enjoy inventing new games with the cards.



ElemenTrump was made by Kagakudojin, the publisher of monthly science magazine, Kagaku. When they were working on a new illustrated periodic table, a high school teacher brought simple playing cards with the element signs and numbers hoping to improve the cards to place on the market. The teacher however couldn’t do it by himself, so Kagakujdojin combined their illustrated periodic table and his playing cards to make ElemenTrump.


Source: Nikkei Trendy


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