Kobito-Zukan: The Dwarf Encyclopedia


Today, I’d like to introduce a very popular picture book among Japanese children. It’s the “Kobito-Zukan” series illustrated by Toshitaka Nabata. In Japanese, kobito literary means dwarf, and zukan is encyclopedia. In the tale, a boy hears many stories about kobito from his grandfather, and goes out to find kobito. Kobito look all weird (kind of ugly ^^;), but strangely enough you may not get a bad feeling when you see them.

Look at the kobito below. When you keep watching him, maybe you will find him rather cute!


One of the most popular kobito characters, Kakuremomojiri.
This kind of kobito lives in peach orchards.


The sales of these books have been rapidly increasing. And what’s more, a variety of character goods and DVDs are also produced. Here is an introduction video for the Kobito Zukan DVD. Check it out!



Kobito live not only in nature, but also in the cities. So you also may be able to find kobito around you 😛


Source: Yahoo Japan News


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