“Lemur Riding Tortoise Train” and More Videos


A black lemur is riding two moving tortoises… What a smile-provoking scene!

A Japanese animal-lover blogger shot this video at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.



Is the lemur smart or just lazy? Does he always ride tortoise like that? If so, he should get a season ticket (^_^)

The person who shot the video runs a blog where he posts heartwarming animal pictures and videos (link below). Here are some of the videos the blogger posted on YouTube.


“Mr. Eyebrow the Prairie Dog”


He tells us that “Eyebrows are important facial feature.”

He is at Edogawa Zoo in Tokyo, and doesn’t have health problem.


“Gorilla’s husband-and-wife fight at Ueno Zoo”


What happened is that the papa gorilla wanted to touch their baby so he tried to touch it by force, which made the mama gorilla angry. Poor papa gorilla…


“Baby Japanese Black Bear and Mom at Ueno Zoo”


This species is called “crescent bear (tsukinowaguma)” in Japan because it has white moon like mark on its chest. It is so cute when it is a baby.


Itazawa Shijima Blog (Japanese)


This is JAPAN Style!