Wasabi Stories vol.175: “The Problem is Not Surrounding Environment, But Yourself”


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“The Problem is Not Surrounding Environment, But Yourself”

Today’s story-teller is natural life specialist Noriko Sakoh.

The article was about what had happened to her when she was visiting Sweden last fall. It was about 3 to 5 degrees C (From 37.4 to 41 degrees F) in Sweden.

Sakoh had put on enough warm clothes; a down jacket and so forth. So she thought the measures against cold was perfect.



However, she realized she was the only person who was covered up with layers of clothes when she looked around. Most of people were not wearing much less clothes. Swedish people were using a cap and gloves to keep themselves warm but they did not seem to care much about an outer wear.

She says, “It is often said that heat is usually released from hands and toes. In Chinese medicine, they say that energy is released from a head. So it is wise to cover these areas with a cap and gloves in order to keep youself warm.”


And here is the main topic of the story.

A Swedish person is introduced in the story. This person commutes by bicycle even when the temperature is below zero. He told her that you can ride a bicycle with studded tires even if a road is frozen. There is no problem as long as you are prepared for cold. She was very surprised about it. She asked him what he would do when the weather is terrible. She did not think he would ride a bicycle.

Then his wife replied, “Look, there is no good or bad when it comes to weather. It depends on what you wear. You would feel cold or you would get drenched if you are not wearing a suitable outfit for the weather. Right?”


Sakoh says, “I learned so much from what they said. I see, why I complain about cold weather is because I am not dressed properly for it. You can say that not only about winter but also about midsummer or a rainy season.”


The NIKKEI 01/06/2010 by Noriko Sakoh (natural life specialist)



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