Evolving Japanese Sweet!? – Taiyaki –


The other day I wrote an article about taiyaki, a Japanese fish shaped sweet.

This time, I’d like to tell you about  a unique taiyaki shop called Nazeya in [W:Jiyugaoka], Tokyo.

Nazeya sells not only regular taiyaki, but also something unusual. Regular taiyaki has sweet bean paste or custard cream in its belly like this.


And of course, it’s sweet. What’s the unusual kind then? Look at these photos!


They just look like croissant sandwiches. Don’t you think so!?  They are not even sweet anymore.  They must be good for lunch. Nazeya’s standard items are smoked salmon, egg with mustard sauce, ham & cream cheese, and grilled chicken.

They also have others on their weekly menu, like okra & tuna, thick bacon, shrimp & Mizuna, and potato curry & cheese. They all sound delicious!!

These taiyaki sandwiches are served only in the restaurant; they can’t be ordered as take-out.


For regular sweet taiyaki, Nazeya features some standard flavors like plain, vanilla custard cream, and azuki bean paste. According to Nazeya’s website, “powder butter” is sifted onto the taiyaki.

I don’t know what’s powder butter is, but it sounds fantastic anyway!!


It is possible to take regular taiyaki away, and the little sweets remain soft and yummy even a few hours later. So, if you visit Nazeya, maybe you can buy some sweet taiyaki for dessert after having taiyaki sandwiches for lunch. It might be too much, though….(^^;


Source: NAZEYA



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