Giant Cup Noodles in Japan


I know this is sudden, but what I eat very often is cup noodles. Cup noodles save my life a lot LoL

When I get a bit hungry or when I feel lazy to go shopping, I reach out for the stock of cup noodles in my house. And I have found a unique photo blog about cup noodles we all love.

So let me introduce it.


cup noodle

Giant cup noodles on a building!?



cup noodle

This building is a Nissin Food Product’s factory which is producing cup noodles.
The thing looked like cup noodles was actually a chimney of the factory! 😯



Speaking of Nissin Foods Products, it is the most popular food company and wins a commanding share in the area of pot noodles. The Headquarters is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, where I live. Since I often walk past the building, I feel an affinity with the company.

Anyway, I understand it if a giant cup noodle was attached to a building as an art, but I tip my hat to them for getting the idea of mutating it into a chimney:)


Source: Daily Portal Z



This is JAPAN Style!


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