Revealing a Trick of “Fork-Bending-by-Itself Magic”


If you want to impress someone with a magic, how about trying fork-bending magic? The video below shows a high school teacher performing the magic and reveal the trick!



What you need; a fork, pliers, air tube (for aquarium) cut into 1.5 cm piece.

1: Cut the fork into half.
2: Bend about 5 mm from the each cutting edge.
3: Connect the two pieces together with the air tube.

You’ll get the bent fork!


How to perform the magic

Pinch the junction with fingers while hiding the tube, and gradually loosen the pressure, so that it looks as if it bends by itself.

This magic is easy and doesn’t require high techniques that professional magicians have, but because of the trick, you can’t show the fork at the beginning of the performance. You have to figure out the way to show a plain fork and switch it to the trick fork.

After bending the fork, this teacher in the video threw the fork into a bucket and switched with the trick fork. It is kind of unnatural… You’d better come up with a better idea.

After all, it is really depends on your acting skill, but it is fun and makes the audience wonder how it works, so I think it’s worth trying.


This is JAPAN Style!