Kamaboko – Japanese Processed Seafood Product

Kamaboko are Japanese cured pureed white fish. They have rubbery texture and mild taste. In Japan, we slice them and eat with soy sauce with wasabi or mayonnaise. Kamaboko are often in udon soup, ramen soup, and bento box. (To learn what bento is, please read THIS.)

Since kamaboko is good source of protein and calcium, and it is low fat, it is considered as a healthy food.


These are typical kamaboko on the market.





You can also find all sort of designed kamaboko at stores. For example;

Pine tree,



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and Snoopy.



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The characters ones are popularly used for children’s bento.

In some areas in the country, people eat the kamaboko that molded in various shapes for some celebrations and special occasions. These are crane and turtle. Both are symbols of longevity.



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This is JAPAN Style!


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