Kanazawa is Not to be Missed

Kanazawa is the capital of Ishikawa prefecture. Kanazawa, also known as “sho-kyoto”, meaning “little Kyoto”, is a very traditional and beautiful place. There are of course many outstanding spots to visit there, and Kanazawa station, the city’s entrance, is also quite splendid. Interestingly, Kanazawa station is the only Japanese rail station that was chosen as one of “the world’s most beautiful train stations” by Travel and Leisure magazine in 2011. Kanazawa station is mainly structured with two parts; 1) wooden hand-drum-shaped gate called Tsuzumi Mon (tsuzumi is used in “noh” plays), and 2) a glass umbrella-shaped dome named Motenashi Dome (motenashi means hospitality). The gate and dome were kind of controversial when they were unveiled in 2005. Many Kanazawa residents thought those modern facades wouldn’t go well with the city’s traditional atmosphere. However, they are now indispensable to Kanazawa city.



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(Tsuzumi mon)



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(Motenashi dome)


In 2015, a new Shinkansen bullet train line will be opened to traffic in Kanazawa. Currently it takes four hours, with connections, to travel from Tokyo to Kanazawa. With the new rail service however, that will soon shorten to two hours with no connection! Sounds like Kanazawa is definitely worth visiting:)


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Author: Junko


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