Good News to Examinees! Pray to Avoid Stomach Problem

The very high-pressure entrance exam season is about to come here in Japan!  For those examinees who are suffering from bad tummy due to too much pressure, I found an interesting article about a Japanese company’s supportive project.



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This project, called ‘Stoppa entrance exam supporting shrine project’ (official link: ) (FYI, ‘Stoppa‘ is an anti-diarrheal medicine of Japan), was first implemented last year, and widely accepted prayers to avoid stomach problem for the very important period.  Because of pretty good reputations from examinees and their families last year, the company responsible for this project decided to continue their service this year, too.


According to the research done by the company to 500 university students, who went through the stressful entrance exam, most of people considered December and January as the most stressful months for examinees, and one in three actually suffered from stomach problem due to high pressure.

I couldn’t tell whether the one I had actually came from pressure or nervousness, but I do understand how they feel~(> <)  I assume that some of you probably have a similar experience when you had your job interview or very important presentation??

Anyway, this examinees supporting project is offering online ema (wooden plaque) application service to avoid such a fatal condition. By staff of the company, your ema will be taken to Takakura shrine in Kyoto, which enshrines ‘god of stomach’.


Following image shows ema to be dedicated; those two with red strings on the right of lower table are the ones:-).



Even if you study so hard to be fully prepared, bad condition of your stomach could ruin everything…  For this reason, it may be a good idea to pray for the god of tummy in addition to the god of academic achievement before you exam!


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