[Japan after Quake] Fukko Department

You would be surprised how many products are displayed in the internet site by the people who have been striving for their rebirth after the Earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear accident on 11th March 2011.


Fukko-Department CM video


The line-up of Fukko-Department varies from hand made goods, food directly from the farm or the sea in the big nature, traditional craft works with the taste of the history of Tohoku, to various kinds of sweets. Tohoku has been rich in attractive products since the old days. One aspect which characterizes the site is that the faces of the producers of each product are present and through their products their wish and their life seem to stand out.


japanese honey

"Mariko Asato" some rights reserved. flickr

Honey from Fujiwara Apiary


Tohoku lost a lot. But their unshakeable belief they should not lose their hometown made them united and stand up to achieve the project “Fukko-Department”.

The very first but a big step we can do to support the rebirth project is to visit the Fukko-department site.

Why don’t we try to find what we can do to support the project? Still a lot to be done…


I found also a CM video from one of the shops participating the project as below. It is in Japanese but I hope you can sense their genial but strong determination for their rebirth.



(Like the concept of Fukko-Department, Mr. and Mrs. Ishida who run their Japanese sweet patisserie, Eisen-Do, whose business has been in Minami Somachi for 3 generations since 1933 hope to save their home town where 3 of their children can come back one day. They call for the significance to have a safe environment back to their hometown where the children can come back.)


Source: Fukko-Department


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