Panasonic’s Hair Washing Robot for Nursing Homes and Hospitals


Panasonic Corporation has developed a “Washing Hair Robot,” which washes hair with the most suitable pressure on each scalp shape. The developer aims to release in 2012 for nursing homes and hospitals to lighten nurses’ burden.


From a distance, it looks like a common shampoo seat at hair salons, but on the washstand, there is a helmet-like device with 16 resinous fingers. The robot scans the head three-dimensionally first, and measures and records the shape to give right pressure on right location. And then, puts shampoo form and washes the hair while massaging the scalp. It takes 3 to 8 minutes.




Since the robot massages while kneading and pushing the scalp, it seems to give better feeling than the most water pressure head massage and shampoo machines that are used at salons and spas.

“Washing Hair Robot” is exhibited at Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition held in Kōtō, Tokyo until October 1.


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