Live Video Streamers’ House in Tokyo

There is a unique guest house called “Nama Nushi House” in Katsushika ward, Tokyo. What makes it special is the house rule that the residents must “do life-casting,” which means they broadcast their life live on Ustream and Niconicodouga.


“Nama Nushi House Channel” on Ustream


They basically broadcast through a fixed camera in the house, but sometimes the streamer takes the camera outside or the rooftop.

Currently, there are five people aged between 25 and 32 year-old live in the house. Most of them are “permanent part-timer” and a few of them make their living by life-casting.

According to am, the manager of the house, only those who have passion to life-casting can share the house.

The manager opened the guest house for video streamers to enjoy their life-casting without having the troubles that they commonly have, such as “noise complaining,” “roommates trouble,” “located address and harassed,” and “hard to communicate with the viewers offline”.

As compare with the market price, the rent of the guest house is cheap; 35,000 to 40,000 yen (US$456 to $521) per room.

However it turns out, I am sure the life at Nama Nushi House will be different from any other apartment. Would you prefer to live there???

Check their life on Nama Nushi House Channel on Ustream and Nama Nushi House Channel on Niconicodouga!


Source: Excite News (Japanese)


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