Vending Machine with 112 Different Flavors


A vending machine dispensing 112 different beverages combinations has been installed at Haneda airport, Tokyo. You can blend your favorite base drink with a variety of flavors. This kind of vending machine may not be very unusual in your country, but this debut at Haneda is the first of its kind in Japan.

A blogger, Mr.E, loses no time in visiting Haneda airport!



 Now Mr. E is at a shop called HOT DOG CAFE in Terminal 2 (B1), Haneda airport.


 This is the special vending machine.
All you can drink for ¥250 (US$3.3)!


Menu board. Wow! So many flavors.


 You choose one base drink out of 14 kinds. I’ve never heard of “DASANI”.
(In Japan, DASANI has just come to market since May this year) 


There are only four steps to create your favorite drink:)


1) Place your cup beneath the spout.


2) Choose a base drink.


3) Choose an additional flavor.


4) Push button to activate.


That’s it! Done! By the way, this is “Fanta + peach” flavor.
Sounds kind of normal.



Mr. E tastes the drink he made.
It must be good because he is smiling. And the hot dog also looks delicious 😀


Actually, Mr. E is not alone today. Mr. A is with him.
I wonder what flavor Mr. A is going to choose?


He chooses DASANI water with lemon flavor.
Wonder if he will like it?


Haha. Look at his face. Maybe it’s not what he expected (^^;;


This is the list for checking how many flavor combinations you can try.
Quite challenging!


Is Mr. E up to the challenge? Of course!


He and Mr. A keep making different combinations of drinks…


tasting them,


and deleting them from the list.


They drank quite a lot!


Two hours pass and they sample more than 40 kinds of drinks in all. Now Mr. E is too full to drink any more, and Mr.A’s body starts shaking because of too much sugar. They really should stop here!



 They seem to be a little bit sick (^^;;


[Mr. E & A’s top 3 drinks]

 1 : Coke x Vanilla / 2 : Dasani x Cherry / 3 : Sprite x Strawberry


[Tips from Mr. E & A]

– Coke and Sprite pretty much go with anything.

– Lime and lemon flavors are “humble”, but cherry and  raspberry are “assertive”.

– Cherry flavor smells like a field of flowers (and sometimes like bathroom air freshener).

– Too much fluid intake before boarding may cause trouble on the plane (a toilet urgency issue).

– This cafe does not have a bathroom!


Nevertheless, don’t miss this cafe when you come through Haneda airport!  😉


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!