Earthquake Safety Products

Living in a seismic country, we have a variety of earthquake safety products. For example, children keep disaster hoods on their chairs at school so that when an earthquake occurred, they can put the hoods immediately to protect their heads.


“Children wearing disaster hoods on the way to school”



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At home, most households use some kind of earthquake safe products such as bars to prevent furniture falling down and cabinet door lock.

If you live in Japan, and worry about earthquake, check these items that were appeared on newspapers and online news after the big earthquake occurred in March.


“Self Shut Circuit Breaker Ball”

It is a simple weight ball with a cord which is tied on a switch on a circuit breaker, and when earthquake hits, the ball falls as it turns off all the electricity, so it prevents fire.



“Disaster Preventing Bed”

It is a bed that has a shelter or frame to protects the person from falling objects or ceiling.



“Good Sleep Emergency Bag Pillow”

You spend about 1/3 of your day on a bed. So, why don’t you keep your emergency stuff in your pillow? This pillow has a cylindrical container on the upper side to keep emergency supplies such as a flashlight, gloves, and medical prescription.

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Lastly, I  share this video which was made and posted by Japanese Lease Foundation for non-Japanese who live in Japan. It explains how to recover gas/electric fixtures at Japanese apartments after earthquake. The video is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. (Go to the channel directly and you will find the same video with different languages.)



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