Rice Dishes in a Vending Machine: Even Sushi too!?


I have introduced some unique vending machines including “canned food in vending machines” and “fresh banana vending machine.”

This one I am going to show you today is “rice-dishes vending machine”!

It is a locker type vending machine and has instant rice dishes which can be cooked in microwave or hot water; for example, shrimp pilaf, curry pilaf, gomoku gohan (rice cooked with mushrooms, vegetables and meat with soy sauce and dashi), and even chirashi sushi (scattered sushi)!



The video below shows the machine but it is long. If you want to skip the introduction part, just start watching from 01:18.




The company which set the machine named the instant rice dishes, “magic rice,” and they also produced “magic pasta.” The “magic” part is that they can be served in less than three minutes! Perfect for quick lunch for busy workers! According to the company, these foods are perfect to be carried as emergency food.

I think if the taste really good, the chirashi sushi one can be souvenir for foreign tourists (^_^)



This is JAPAN Style!


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