Blog Action Day 2010: Udon Noodle Caused Water Pollution in Japan


What is Blog Action Day?


Any countries must have some kind of water pollution problem, and Japan is no exception. For example, [W:Kagawa Prefecture] has faced water pollution cased by the local specialty, udon (thick wheat-flour noodle).



udon noodle

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The prefecture lags behind the other prefectures in drainage system. In the region without sewer, the water left over after boiling udon which contained high concentration of starch is drained directly into river and waterway.

Due to the recent year’s udon boom, the restaurants consumed more water and the polluted water emitted evil smell.

The prefectural government distributed a manual for drainage treatment measure to the udon restaurants; however, it was difficult for small restaurants to follow the manual because of economic hardship.

To solve the problem, a local Chemical plant equipment maker, Nankai Kako (under Nankai Plywood group) developed an udon water purifying device. By circulating water, it decomposes organic matters in the drained water with microorganisms and three filters.

The device was released four months ago at reasonable price, so that the small restaurants can afford it. Hopefully, it improves the environment.


It is ironic that Japan has the forefront water treatment technology but at the same time we have water pollution problem cased by noodle. Utilizing the technology for the countries in need of water is certainly important; however, we shouldn’t be negligent of environmental improvement.