Kombucha (Kelp Tea) Flavored Popcorn

I think popcorn is one of the universal snacks; many people may have eaten it.

I guess there are all kinds of flavored popcorn in the world. In addition to the common flavors, salt, butter, and caramel, “butter and soy sauce” flavor is popular in Japan. It is really good!


Today, I want to share an article about another Japan-original flavored popcorn. I saw this in a blog and made me want to try it.



The flavor is “kombucha”, which literally means “kombu (kelp)” tea, more precisely, “tea made of powdered kelp”. (In some countries, kombucha refers a fermented tea but that is different from Japanese kombucha.)


“Kombucha flavored popcorn”

konbu tea


And this is how the popcorn looks. It is not green like the tea.




According to the person who tried it, it is not so salty but has depth in the flavor, and tastes kombu(kelp) rather than kombucha. He liked it very much.

It sounds really good. I wonder if I can make it at home with plain popcorn and kombucha powder.


Source: Ruriiro Tradition



This is JAPAN Style!


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