Fun Greeting Card Found at 100 yen Shop – Part 3: “A 3D Card”

In the past couple of weeks, I have introduced unique greeting cards sold at a 100 yen shop, including “Sliding Greeting Card” and “Romantic Card”.

Today’s card is “Too 3D-ish Card”!

Here is the report by the Japanese blogger.


3D card
It looks a simple card, an ordinary card,
like you can find anywhere.



3D card
On the package it says “3D Message Card”.


3D card
Thinking “What do you mean, a 3D card?”,
he took it out from the package.


3D card
He looked at it carefully…


3D card
“Oh, it is standing out!” The blogger shouted.


3D card
The smiley face looks standing out on the card.
(We can hardly see that on the photo though LOL)


3D card
Hmm, from a different angle, it does look 3D-ish.


3D card
“This 3D-ishness is very ‘AVATAR’ !”
The blogger shouted again.


3D card
It is very “AVATAR”!!!



“Only 100 yen, and you can enjoy 3D. What in the world happening here! Only 100 yen!!”

The blogger wrote so LOL.

Having experienced the 3D that outstrips “AVATAR”, the blogger left a message to everyone who reads this!

This is the message!!!


3D card

James Cameron




To him, 3D = “AVATAR”, so he drew the director, James Cameron.


The bloggar closed the last,

“Although he missed an Oscar, his achievement resounds in Japanese 100 yen shops.”

What a nice closing (^_^)


Well, how did you like the 100 yen shop cards that were introduced in three parts?

Each one is high quality. I didn’t know that such good quality cards are sold at 100 shops (as a Japanese, I should’ve known though). I was very surprised.


Source: Daily Portal Z



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