Wasabi Stories vol. 140: “A Heartwarming Lie”


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“A Heartwarming Lie”

Today’s story-teller is Shusuke Michio, a novelist.

The story is about what happened at a club in [W:Shinjuku] one day.

Michio visited the club on that day. A 20-ish pretty girl showed up on the stage after a few bands performed.

She was alone. There was no back-up band. Michio guessed that she was aiming to become a professional singer but she could not find members to join.

So she played a CD as the background chorus and started singing along with it.



It is a common thing in a small club. She sang a few mediocre songs.

Then, after she said it was the last song and as she started singing, the background chorus sound started breaking. She started to look troubled.

The staff gathered at the back of the stage. Everyone started to get anxious.

Then the background chorus sound stopped completely.

“Sorry.” She apologized in a trembling voice.

Here is what happened:

She collected herself and said, “I got this chance to sing here tonight, so let me sing a song a cappella.”

She sang the famous song: “Amazing Grace”

She closed her eyes and sang the song with heart and soul. The voice echoed in the club lively.

People burst into applause as she finished singing. She bowed sheepishly and went off the stage.

There is more to it.

Michio told his friend the story about the girl to his friend. Then his friend said he had seen the same incident.

It sounded like the girl was the same person.

And the CD of background music was recorded that way.

Yes, the audience including Michio was completely taken in by her!


Michio says, “Even now, although she is a lot younger than me, I look up to her as an entertainer. She tricked us, but the trick had a heart. You call it a lie, but the lie was a heartwarming lie and it was far better than the truth. It is hard to get to the top. But I wish her success in her career as a musician and I believe she will.”


The NIKKEI 11/20/2009 by Shusuke Michio (novelist)



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