Secret Ingredients for Ramen and Ramen Crunchy Treat Recipe

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Instant ramen is one of the snack foods loved by many countries (most people in Japan eat it as a meal though). I think you find various Japanese brand ramen in your country such as Nissin, Sapporo, and Maruchan.

In Japan it is common to add vegetables and sliced roasted pork. How about you? Do you add anything?


In an internet forum, people were discussing about popular ingredients for ramen to bring out the flavor. For example,


Beaten egg

Hondashi (bonitofish soup stock)

Sesame oil


Curry powder


Chopped tomato in soy sauce or beef flavored ramen

Soft tofu in miso flavored ramen.


If you want to try new flavor, why don’t you try the ingredients above?

And if you are like “I have tried these already!” How about this sweet treat used ramen noodle?


[Ramen Crunchy Treat]

You need Ramen, Marshmallows, and peanuts.

  1. Break ramen into pieces. Crush peanuts.
  2. Soften marshmallows in microwave and add the ramen and the peanuts. Stir it quickly.
  3. Make small balls with the mixture and cool them in refrigerator.


You can only use ramen in a bag, not cup noodle because it is seasoned!


This is JAPAN Style!



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