Japan’s First Greeting Card with Movie?

It’s almost the middle of December now!  I assume that some of you may be furiously busy to make sure everything is ready for Christmas.  But when you say December in Japan, it’s more about year-end housecleaning and preparation for coming year!  So I’m going to introduce an article about one of important prep for next year, Nengajo or new year’s greeting card.

New year’s greeting card can be delivered in the first week of January to your relatives, friends and colleagues in order to show your appreciation for good relationship with them in previous year and coming year.  Wide variety of cards are available every year, and Japan’s first greeting card with movie (official website: http://nenga-cinema.jp/ ) is on sale this year.



 This card has access code for the designated website, so that addressees can watch a movie selected by senders .

As a sender, you can choose one movie from 30 pieces of collections include epic movies such as “Spider-Man”, “Iron Man”, “The Da Vinci Code” as well as classics like ‘Taxi Driver’.  Don’t know much about movie (・_・;)?  No worries!  Clear categories shown (movies to enjoy with your family and friends or with kids, movies which make you feel cheerful or cry etc. ) would help you to choose the best one for your loved one (^^).

This movie card costs 365 yen (equivalent to US$4.70). Also, as it is a new year’s greeting card, movie can be enjoyable from the 1st to 30th January.  I love this idea to contribute to a nice and relaxing new year’s day with a great movie for your friends:-)  It is also a very good idea to enjoy a movie with a nice bowl of zoni (soup with rice cake) or zenzai  (red beans soup)~♪


What do you think?

Please let us know what you will be doing to get ready for coming new year, too!


Source: goo Eiga


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