KIBIDANGO – a joy to give it goes together with a joy to take it

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Do you know the story of Momotaro, a well-known Japanese folk tale?

It is a popular story that Momotarō is given millet dumplings by his foster mother and goes out to a distant island to fight a band of demons. On the way to the island where Demons live, he meets a dog, monkey and pheasant and they agree to come and help him wipe out the demons in exchange for a millet dumpling. This millet dumpling is the KIBIDANGO.

The story of Momotaro is said to be created in the Muromachi period between 1336 and 1573 but the KIBIDANGO service business I would like to introduce today is late breaking. It is a type of crowd funding service which many of you may know and offers a meeting point between project owners and the supporters.

The concept of the service is based on the story we all know by now. Momotaro (a project owner) sets a goal to wipe out Demons (an attractive project) and a Dog, Monkey and Pheasant (supporters) gather together to support for the achievement. Supporters help with funding and the project goes through if the set amount is collected. Then the supporters gain Kibidango (a product or a service) in return.


Projects are of great variety!

There are many interesting ideas to produce something new, funny or something helpful. But many of them are buried without enough support. This is a service where the ideas or skills become open in public and let supporters help to realize the dream together.


The system and the rule:

Each project set the target amount and the due date to collect the fund to come it off. If the amount is collected before the due date the project is closed and the “Kibidango product” is provided to the supporters. If not, the project ends up in failure and the money is returned to the supporters.

If you are interested in a project or a product you click on “support” button or each product and proceed to the payment.



You may remember a product featured in JapanStyle on 15th July, “Standing Note Cover” by Bea-house. The company actually joined the Kibidango for a fundraising. Unfortunately their product did not achieve the target in time but some other products have raised way above its target and a camera bag for instance achieved whopping 655% of the set amount!!!

I hope many innovative ideas which are beneficial to all who are related will be realized to enrich our society with the help of the service tool of Kibidango.


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