The Quiet, Ephemeral Beauty of Senko-Hanabi Sparklers


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Have you ever heard of “senko-hanabi”, the traditional Japanese fireworks? These are a type of handheld sparkler. Fireworks, especially sparklers, might conjure up images of lively and fun situations such as parties, festivals and celebrations. However, senko-hanabi are used for more quiet and serene times. Why don’t we watch the video of a sparkling senko-hanabi first.



Very beautiful indeed, but the beauty lasts only for a minute before the small flaming gunpowder ball quietly plops down at the end. We Japanese are stirred by this kind of intense, short-lived, graceful beauty, such as “sakura” (cherry blossoms).

Usually senko-hanabi can be purchased at quite reasonable prices, but I found a very sophisticated and exclusive variety! The senko-hanabi,”Hanahana” produced by Tsutsui Tokimasa Fireworks costs ¥10,000 (US$98) for 40 strings (*_*)!




Pine soot, natural colors, handmade “washi” paper… the materials are domestic Japanese. Using traditional methods, skilled craftsmen create these one by one. What’s more, it comes with a tree wax candle and a cherry wood candle stand. These Hanahana are all packaged in fragrant paulownia wood boxes. This would be the perfect gift for someone very special! But unfortunately, Hanahana seem to be too so popular that these boxes are currently solid out 🙁 Hopefully Tsutsui Tokimasa Fireworks will produce more Hanahana soon!

*The senko-hanabi in the video is not “Hanahana”.


Source: YoupouchTsutsui Tokimasa Fireworks

Author: Junko


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