Japan’s Three Most Disappointing Sightseeing Spots

Traveling is fun. But an enjoyable journey is sometimes totally ruined by (very famous but nevertheless) unimpressive sightseeing spots. These let-downs probably cause you to exclaim “Whaaaat? Did I come all the way here to see THIS!?” well, today I would like to share some of Japan’s most disappointing sightseeing spots, so you can avoid this kind of underwhelming experiences that might otherwise take up precious vacation time!


1) Harimaya bridge, Kochi pref.



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As you can see, it’s unbelievably short. Actually, this 20 meter-short bridge is not original. The original site was reclaimed, so in 1998 this replica was newly built over an artificial waterway at a new location. It’s O.K, but his is just not the bridge it is supposed to be.


2) Tokeidai (clock tower), Hokkaido pref.



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Rugged, unspoiled nature is a common image of Hokkaido, and this kind of picture above makes people imagine a lovely cottage style clock tower standing in a thick forest. However, the truth is not so idyllic…



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Tokeidai clock tower is located in the center of Sapporo, the biggest city in Hokkaido, and is hemmed in by tall buildings and busy streets (>_<)!! I grew up in Sapporo and have been thinking this structure should be relocated to somewhere more beautiful. SO sad that our Tokeidai keeps disappointing so many tourists!


3) Oranda-zaka (Dutch slope), Nagasaki pref.



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There were many Western merchants in Japan (most from the Netherlands) in the Edo era, and this slope was named “Oranda (=Dutch)” slope. The name reminds people of classy westernized spots such as Yokohama and Kobe. But this slope is just an ordinary slope, and there is nothing special besides the incline.


Source: http://www.geocities.co.jp/nihon318/story/gakkari/gakkari.htm


Author: Junko


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