Wasabi Stories vol.36: “Success Tip ? Whether You like it rather than Talent”


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“Success Tip? Whether You like it rather than Talent”

Today’s storyteller is the 2009 [W:Akutagawa Prize] winner, novelist Kikuko Tsumura.

In the article, she told how she decided to be a novelist.

The turning point that she will never forget is the summer of sophomore.

When she was reading her favorite music magazine, one interview article caught her eyes.

That was a musician Kazuyoshi Nakamura’s article, and he was introduced as an expected new comer.

In the interview, there are no words as “I have talent” or “awesome” but he said,

“I am unconscious whether I have talent. I want to make songs by my nature.”


Because she had had the preoccupation that the people who appeared on the media were naturally full of talents and they were born to do the jobs.

So she was shocked by the Nakamura’s interview.

At the same time, she realized that she had been narrowed her possibilities by her hands, and had closed the way to the future by herself.

Until she read the interview, she had thought “I don’t have talent so I can’t write or produce a novel”, and she had given up.

The Nakamura’s interview made her decide “I challenge something too” and she finished writing a 400 pages novel during the summer vacation.

Even after she became a professional novelist, sometimes writing is hard to her but when she tap a keyboard in front of a PC, she remembers that she likes writing so that she can get over the hardness.

Tsumura’s word

“Do not think whether you have talent or not but “what I want to do”. If you walk the way you like as you believe, the skills and techniques that you need follow you. Believe so, I am going to advance in the writing world.”

The NIKKEI May/7/2009 by Kikuko Tsumura (Novelist)


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