Taxi to Drive Through River?

“There seems to be a vehicle, called amphibian tax in Osaka, Japan, but are you interested to try sometime?”  Such a casual question was the start of this amazing experience…  Of course, my answer was “why not (^ ^)?”  Only problem was that 100 minutes long ride actually costs 35,000 yen (US$440) for up to 4 people…!  But never mind!  It must be something worth trying!

So here is the vehicle at our meeting point, Sakuranomiya Park.


Well, it looks like normal at a glance, but you can see the bottom body line slightly looks like those for ships…



Picture from behind…  does look like normal car with Osaka registration number, but look!  It has a screw at the bottom!



Ah!  There you go!  Another little screw at the front!



Ok, so now we are ready to go down the ramp to the water!



Now, the car splashed into the water!  Yay 😀



Can you see the water surface just below your door??  But you can still open the door!



You can even go outside from the roof top window like this!



Everybody is looking at us 😀  This makes me feel like I’m famous now Lol



Look! people are taken picture of us! Lol



Ah…, sadly, here is the end of the tour…(T_T)  Good bye, my amphibian car!


I definitely recommend you to try this if you have any chance!


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!