Kawaii Animal Kisses

A little while ago,  a kissing lesser (red) panda couple was introduced on the internet news. And now they’ve become very popular! They live in Nogeyama Zoo, Yokohama city.

Let’s go take a look!


This is the entrance of Nogeyama Zoo.


Nogeyama Zoo is admission-free! But you can’t make light of it. It’s not just kid stuff. It has gorgeous animals like giraffes, a lion, and of course lesser pandas!


Wow! There is a large crowd of people in front of the lesser pandas.


The male’s name is Umi and the female is Kinta. They are supposed to be in the small hut shown by the red arrow. Can you see? I can’t see… The people are all looking forward to watching the lesser pandas kiss!


They are playing well together but not kissing yet.
Go, Umi! Go for it!


Yes, you did it! That’s my boy!
The Japanese word “キス” in the photo is “kiss”.


Lesser pandas look just like stuffed toys and are really lovely. Seeing them kissing is quite heartwarming (^^). Why don’t we see more kawaii animal kisses? Let’s go to another zoo!


Here we are.
This is Ueno Zoo, the oldest zoo in Japan.


We can see an elephant couple kissing here.


Their noses are just touching? Elephants’ trunks are a part of their upper lip. So if their noses touch, that means a kiss!


And a bear couple’s kiss too.


A mother cow kisses her baby. Only in the photo, though (^^;


A penguin couple’s kiss. Beak to beak.


An otter couple’s kiss on the rock.


A pygmy hippo couple’s kiss in the water.


A stuffed toy couple’s kiss on the shelf.


OK. We saw plenty of kisses at the zoos. How about an aquarium? Maybe we can see more interesting kisses.

Let’s go!


Shinagawa aquarium.
I hope we can see many fish kisses.


Wow. So many fish and so many mouths!


It is quite sure that some of mouths are touching other’s face, mouth or whiskers. It can be recognized as “kiss”.


Almost! Maybe one more centimeter!?


Can we describe this as a “kiss”?


Jellyfish have their mouths under the umbrella, so we can pretty much consider this a kiss. Let’s have  positive thinking! ;P But still, aquatic creature kisses are much harder to recognize than land animal ones…


Source: Daily Portal Z



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