J-Women Crazy about K-POP Dances

K-POP (Korean Pop) has been really popular in the past several years.

First boy’s groups including TVXQ, BIGBANG, and 2PM. Now Japan is crazy about girl’s groups such as KARA and Girls’ Generation (SNSD).


“Girls’ Generation”


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At dance schools, K-POP classes that teach dances of Korean girl’s groups are always filled with women who want the femininity that the idols have.

The most students are women in their teens to thirties. Because there are so many applicants, the class had to be subscription basis.

Some people attend the lessons to perform at school’s talent shows, office parties and wedding receptions.




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Also K-POP Cover Dance Events that dancers copy and perform the choreographies of K-POP dances are always jam-packed.

The reason why they pick K-idols over J-idols is because K-idols have good figures and their dances are sexier than J-idols’.

The interesting is some of those popular K-POP dances are choreographed by a Japanese choreographer, Rino Nakasone.

This video shows her dancing Girls’ Generation’s GENIE which she choreographed.



In the interview with Fuji TV, she said that she choreographs with simplicity that makes people want to copy and difficultness in her mind.

She was one of the Harajuku Girls that Gwen Stefani leads and joined Pussy Cat Dolls in 2010.


Source: Gadget News


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