Cute and Colorful Rice Balls in Akashi


There is a totally new style of rice ball (“mokamusu”) in [W:Hyogo prefecture] and ever since it was introduced on TV shows, it became really popular in west Japan.


These are the rice balls.


mokamusu posted by (C)rurichu



Flavored rice is filled in crunchy rice shells made from rice flour.

There are different colored shells look like macaron (^_^)


もかむす 中はこんな風
mokamusu posted by (C)かな☆



They are invented and sold at the take-out rice ball store, Shaarii Bar, which is in the Station Plaza at the Akashi Station.


The store has wraps and rice burgers too!


mokamusu posted by (C)rurichu



This is JAPAN Style!


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