Ukiyo-e Prints of Strong Men Popular in Edo Period : Part 1


The following pictures are popular strong men’s ukiyo-e wood prints made in Edo period (1603-1868).

To the town-people in the period, having tattoo is something to show their courage against samurai.

They tattooed these legendary strong men with respect.



1: Rorihakucho Chujin




He is a character from one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature, “Water Margin.”

He is a master of swimming and his tattoo is a monster serpent.

The scene is when he is breaking a water gate.


2: Kaosho Rochishin




He is also a character in “Water Margin.”

This flower tattooed man has fantastic physical strength and uses 37 kg stick for combat.


3: Kanchikotsuritsu Shuki




He is also a character in “Water Margin.” He has fox or wolf on his back.

He is known as a fashionable man and unlike the other two above, he is a office worker rather than a fighter.


The pictures are dynamic and the blue colors used in them are beautiful.

Do you want to carry one on your back? (^_^)


To be continued tomorrow.





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