Wasabi Stories vol.117: “Not Just Word but Make an Action”


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“Not Just Word but Make an Action”

Today’s story teller is an essayist, Yoko Kishimoto.

She told an unforgettable word which her teacher said.

Her high school English teacher said,

“Some parents say about their children’s attitude toward studying, ‘my child can do it but he just doesn’t do it.’ It is not right. Studying is about ‘do it or don’t do it.’”


Kishimoto became a freelance writer and met many people who believe like those parents do.

Something like,

“I can write anytime I bring myself to write.”


“I have potential for doing greater work.”


They sound like they are proud of work that they even hasn’t done and don’t put importance on the work they hold at the moment.

Every time she hears those words, she remembers the teacher’s word and puts her heart into her work thinking “I would never say the same thing they do.”


One day she took 400 pages of manuscript to an publisher and was told by the chief editor,

“There are many writers say ‘I’ll write if you publish it’, but one several-hundredth of them actually bring manuscripts.”


The manuscript she brought became her debut work.

“The important thing is whether you make an action or not. I deeply felt that the teacher’s word is concerned with everything in one’s life.”


The NIKKEI Oct/23/2009  by Yoko Kishimoto (essayist)



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