EVANGELION Campaign in Hakone


Last month, there was a crazy anime event held by Japanese major convenience store, Lawson.

This event is all about a Japanese mega-hit anime “Neon Genesis EVANGELION”.

They made EVANGELION version of Lawson store, which is covered with the characters.


Here is the video.




The feature activity of this campaign is finding 1/1 scale “EVA Unit 01” near the store.

When the iPhone (and other cell phone) users start a special application at a certain area in Hakone, [W:Kanagawa Prefecture], and aim the cameras at a certain point, they can see three dimensional 80 meters tall EVA Unit 01 on their phones.


This is not the actual picture but this is EVA Unit 01.



"mittyoi" some rights reserved. flickr



It’s so cool and so special event for EVA fans but unfortunately for them, since so many people crowded into the store and the place to see the EVA Unit 01, the host canceled the campaign earlier than they planned.


This is JAPAN Style!


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