Unique Japanese Places Where You Can Swim with Shark & Ocean Sunfish

There are a few places where you can swim with dolphins in Japan, but is there any other type of large sea creatures we can swim with in Japan?


"kagawa_ymg" some rights reserved. flickr

“kagawa_ymg” some rights reserved. flickr


According to an article, an aquarium in Fukuoka city called Marine World (official website: http://www.marine-world.co.jp/english/) provides visitors with an opportunity to dive in a large panoramic shark tank where 20,000 of various sharks swim around. Only problem is that this is a diving opportunity, so you need diving license. Those people who do not have such a license including me cannot take such a good opportunity…


"nakayarie" some rights reserved. flickr

“nakayarie” some rights reserved. flickr


Well, even if we don’t have diving licence but still want to swim with large marine creature, Kujirahama swimming beach in Wakayama can be the place for you. If you go to this place between 12th July and 24th August this year, you can swim with 2 grampus for 15 mins. It seems it tends to be busy during this swimming event, but you will be able to see how gracefully they swim in a close distance 🙂

Apart from the whale, Ishigaki island offers snorkelling tour to see manta. Also, you can swim with ocean sunfish in Tosashimizu-city and Wakayama pref, too.

Marine creatures can have a low tolerance for stress, so service provided can be limited, but it is good chance for us to learn and appreciate their life in a close range 🙂  I would love to swim with any of those big marine lives. Hmn, maybe next birthday treat???


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